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August 8, 2014 marked the 47th anniversary of the establishment of ASEAN and the forum provided opportunities for several member countries to reflect on the past and express their vision for the futur.. Read more
Most Malaysians are tired and fed up of the repeated extremist comments from the minority of racists and religious bigots in our midst... Read more
The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks among our 12 Pacific countries have been stalling... Read more
马新互涨路费应再检讨 Date: 1 August 2014 Source: Sin Chew Daily (新山、八打灵再也31日讯)受访学者认为,虽然马新“互涨路费”的课题不会冲击马新关系,但两国政府不能置之不理,因为人民的不满情绪将会发酵,因此两国应以“睦邻精神”共商对策。 亚洲策略与领导研究院(ASL.. Read more