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Launch of the Entrepot

The Entrepot

Trading Ideas, Mobilising Opinions

In conjunction with Merdeka Day, the Centre for Public Policy Studies (CPPS) is pleased to announce the launch of The Entrepot, a biannual online journal aimed at informing and provoking thoughts on current Malaysian issues. In conjunction with the launch, the CPPS releases its inaugural mini-issue, featuring How Xin Yee and Mei Chen Soon from Sunway University College, writing on the theme "Managing Inter-ethnic Relations in Malaysia".

Not strictly an academic publication, the journal is focused on expanding the dialogue network through a mixture of academic and non-academic writing. Each edition will focus on specific themes ranging from popular culture to economics, and also includes conference, article and book reviews.

The Entrepot is more than just a journal. Acting simultaneously as a mentorship programme, it sets the platform for scholarly works to be published, while offering the public the opportunity to engage with the academic discourse. Through this programme, The Entrepot hopes to bridge the opinion gap between communities, bringing together the voices of Malaysians from all walks of life: from promising to published writers, business gurus as well as religious teachers, scholars and students alike.

The journal is also organising a Malaysia Day Essay Competition, winning essays of which will be published on 16th September, Malaysia Day on the CPPS website. Please click here to download the guidelines on entering the competition. Henceforth, the journal will aim at publishing its next edition in early 2009.

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