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Election Watch


Dearest readers

Welcome to the inaugural issue of The Entrepot. The editorial team and the Centre for Public Policy Studies is proud to present the thoughts and ideas of two bright young Malaysian college writers on their country’s political landscape.

The journal arrives in a timely manner. In light of many very public controversial events in Malaysia, the journal hopes to provoke and inform people’s thoughts on Malaysia issues. This issue hopes to explore aspects of democracy in Malaysia and reflect on the current political situation in the country.

Mei Chen Soon’s piece, entitled Crinkle and Crease: Abdullah Badawi’s Challenge in Perfecting the Art of Inter-Ethnic Balance in the Malaysian Nation-State explores ways in which the Malaysian government may have to manage relationships between ethnic groups while preserving the nation’s economic development.

How Xin Yee’s The Other Force: Globalization and the Malaysian Inter-Ethnic Equilibrium examines the challenges of ruling a multi-racial country and leading it into an increasingly global economy.

Our editorial team and the Centre for Public Policy Studies hope that the journal will become a dialogue network to nurture a diverse body of opinions and thoughts. We thank you for visiting our inaugural issue of The Entrepot and we sincerely hope you will be enriched by its articles.

Happy Merdeka!

Leong Yin Peng

Editor, The Entrepot

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