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Election Watch



Youth in Malaysian Politics
by Voon Zhen Yi

The case for a Grexit: An old nation needs a new monetary policy 
by Chris Carson

Inconsistent Pricing: Distorting Consumption
by Jarren Tam


The Homeless in Malaysia: I am born with a name too!
by Lynda Lim

Crime without Criminals: Fighting Corruption in Malaysia
by Lynda Lim


Subsidy Liberalisation: Harsh But Necessary
by Jarren Tam

Fiscal Consolidation: Cutting Waste as Key to Accelerating Growth
by Lau Zheng Zhou

The Introduction of Goods and Services Tax In Malaysia: A Policy Analysis
by Lau Zheng Zhou, Jarren Tam and Jordan Heng-Contaxis

The Missing Dimension: A Shadow Cabinet
by Lynda Lim

Malaysia and the Constitution – The Future Outlook Post-13th General Election

by Adilah R. A. Nasir

Gender Think Piece: Malaysian Women's Entry into Politics
by Lynda Lim

Was GE13 Free and Fair - An Interim Observation Report on Malaysia's 13th General Election
by Centre for Public Policy Studies and IDEAS

Laporan Rakyat - An Interim Report
by Centre for Public Policy Studies

In Defence of Dissenting Leaders: A Case Against Toeing the Political Lines
by Adilah R. A. Nasir

Voter's Education: A Framework to Assess Prospective Ahli Undangan Negeri (ADUN) and Members of Parliament (MP) in Malaysia.
by Lynda Lim

Commentary: Politicisation of Gender Issues in Malaysia
by Lynda Lim

Sabah is about the Rights of Sabahans First and Foremost, and Not About Revisiting Past Colonial Decisions
by Adilah R. A. Nasir

The Demands for Change and Electoral Democracy of the Malaysian Society
by Adilah R. A. Nasir


Explaining 1Care Policy: Its Proposals, Rationale and Feasibility 
by Anna Bridel

ASEAN-INDIA Connectivity: Maritime Connectivity and Perspective
by Anna Bridel

Political Stability - an advantage or a curse?
by Tricia Yeoh


What are the issues and problems for building greater connectivity across ASEAN? What are the policy recommendations?
by Tan Sri Michael Yeoh, Ng Yeen Seen & Tilottama Roy


Do Human Rights and Social Justice Objectives Conflict with other National Priorities?
by Tricia Yeoh

Promoting Revenue Transparency in Malaysia
by Tricia Yeoh

Training Seminar on ISO 26000
by Tricia Yeoh


Siri Wacana Malaysia: "Kebebasan, Perlembagaan dan Islam"
by Wan Saiful, Dato Kamarudin Jaffar, Tricia Yeoh & Khoo Kay Peng

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