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Election Watch

Crimes without Criminals: Fighting Corruption in Malaysia

Author: Lynda Lim
Date: 24 Jan, 2014

Over the past few decades increasing importance has been given to the development of anti-corruption mechanisms, policies and strategies in Malaysia.  While this is warranted, however, if insufficient emphasis is being paid to strengthen the enforcement and prosecution, with specific reference to high level corruption, then the pendulum might have swung a bit too far. There is widespread consensus that a combination of a disproportionate emphasis on the establishment of more anti-corruption commissions, integrity agency at the expanse of a stronger focus on prosecution, has reduced the effectiveness of anti-corruption initiatives.   

This article critically examine the impact of power centralisation at the executive branch of the federal government. It discusses the way in which it contributes to a less conducive environment for prosecution of high level corruption cases in Malaysia .  

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