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Researcher: Real steps needed for higher productivity

Free Malaysia Today
October 24, 2015

KUALA LUMPUR: More government action is needed to improve the civil service, create a “blue-collar” work force, and to help victims of domestic abuse, according to the Centre for Public Policy Studies.

In a response to the 2016 Budget allocations announced on Friday, the centre took a positive view of the budget increase in development expenditure, wider exemptions from Goods and Services Tax, and greater allocations to Sabah and Sarawak.

The centre’s senior director, Ng Yeen Seen, pointed to the need for higher productivity and said the government needs to do more about creating a blue-collar work force and not focus solely on training and education. Otherwise, the work force would be redundant if jobs were not available after graduation.

She called for greater allocations for the women’s ministry to provide safe houses, in view of the 36 percent increase of reported domestic violence cases in 2014.

Studies had shown that there was a lack of safe housing alternatives for victims of domestic violence and abuse, the statement said.

Ng welcomed the allocation of RM1.1 billion for an extra annual increment for 1.6 million civil servants but called for reforms in civil service salaries, based on performance and skill, to attract a quality staff.

She urged MPs to put aside political differences and work together to ensure the civil service was well paid, well managed, and effective.

The centre also welcomed the government’s measures to help middle-income Malaysians to meet the rising cost of living but called for greater measures to protect accountability and transparency in government. “A modern society is not only a reflection of high median incomes, but also tenets of fairness, inclusiveness, justice and the rule of law for all,” the centre said.

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