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CPPS voices concern over amendments to SBPA

Source: Bernama
Date: 29  December 2011

KUALA LUMPUR -- The Asian Strategic Leadership Institute (Asli) Centre of Public Policy Studies (CPPS) today voiced concern over the several amendments made to the Public Service New Remuneration Scheme (SBPA) following an agreement between the Public Service Department (PSD) and Cuepacs.

"The public, like Cuepacs and the government, will be generally 'relieved' over this agreement coming as the year goes out.

"However, there would be some public concern that the 'on the spot amendments' made during the negotiations may not have adequately taken into account the high price that we have paid for the improvements in the SBPA," said CPPS chairman Ramon Navaratnam.

The PSD and Cuepacs on Tuesday arrived at an agreement to make several immediate amendments to improve the SBPA.

Navaratnam said in a statement that to reduce the Annual Performance Evaluation Report marks from 75 to 65 per cent for a salary increase means that the PSD has sacrificed the performance targets to make it easier for civil servants to quality for salary increments.

CPPS also voiced concern over the lowering of marks for the exit policy, from 70 to 60 per cent, and the duration of poor performance now extended to 12 months from six months.

"However, the agreement to hold joint consultations every three months is laudable."This move will enable more opportunities to encourage Cuepacs to come up with ways and means of raising quality standards in the public service, instead of concentrating mainly on salary increases," he said.

CPPS also congratulated the government, PSD and Cuepacs for the successful conclusion of the SBPA before the new year.

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