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Election Watch


The MACC  Deputy  Chief  Commissioner Datuk Shukri  has  to be   commended  for offering   leaders of all political  parties the  opportunity ,  to vet  their  candidates    for the coming  13 General Elections  for  corruption. 

The vital  question in  the  public  mind  is now  - Will  the political party  leaders  and the proposed candidates  themselves  take up this  challenge ? 

As a former  President of  Transparency  Malaysia and  a former  Chairman of the   MACC`s   Prevention and   Consultation Panel ,  I believe the   public and especially    the Voters  will  warmly  welcome  this  sound MACC initiative  . 
I would  therefore   strongly  urge  the  leaders of all political  parties as well as  the    political party members   themselves ,  to resolve  to  cooperate  fully   with the MACC ,  to  ask  for  full  vetting  of  their  candidates before  the fast approaching   13th General Elections . 

The     Elections  will gain greater legitimacy  and   be  generally   regarded   with a higher   standard of  Transparency , Integrity  and Accountability    and  certainly be seen  as    much cleaner, if all the political party leaders   request  the MACC  to  vet their  candidates   to  ascertain if  they have `"clean records ". 

In fact the public have a   real opportunity  now  to  find  out  whether  the   Candidates     are free  from  corruption  in  the past    and  to ensure  that in  the future , the MACC  monitors  their  wealth  to check on  their Report  Card  for   malpractices and  corruption . 

It  would  be  even  better  if  the Government   that  is  committed  to  fighting  corruption , authorises  the  MACC   Board of Directors  to  maintain and  monitor  this proposed Report  Card  on  Integrity  for all electoral  candidates  and elected  officials . This  good practice  will  enable MACC to  keep track  of the  performance  of   all elected  officials in  regard to their  accumulated  assets  and  their  integrity, as their  Key  Productivity  Index (KPI)  . 

This  way   the  corrupt    Members of  Parliament  and  State Governments  and  Local Authorities   will soon  be  found  out  and   the MACC   can move  in  to stop the rot  before   it  gets  worse .Malaysia's  progress will be  stifled  if corruption increases from the  top and we cannot afford this  socio economic and political decline. 

Hence  the Rakyat should  demand  that the  Government and  the Opposition Parties as well , should take  action as soon as possible , before the  13th General Elections, to   take the challenge of  the  Macc  to request  vetting  for all  their  Candidates and elected  and appointed  officials at all levels of government  . 

The  Voters  should  also  resolve  that they   will be able to  fulfil  their    national duty  to vote wisely  , only if they  vote for those  who  have   been  cleared  by the  Integrity   Screening  Division of the  MACC. It  should  be the  case of , "No Integrity  Clearance  , No Vote". Thus   Voters  should  not vote for  political parties and candidates  who do  not  care to obtain  "corruption clearance"  from  the   MACC. That  will  be  your   major contribution to  fight   corruption ! 

I would also  urge the MACC  to  advance  their  good  initiatives  to fight  corruption ,  by   vetting   all election  candidates    for "living  beyond  their  means"  and to "Red Flag" them  for political leaders  to  see red, even   if the political leaders  are   reluctant  to request the MACC to do so . Then  the Macc  can  take  preventive  action  to   avoid  allegations  of  "selective prosecution" . The  public  too  can  then be  persuaded  that the MACC  is  doing its  best  but that  the  politicians  are  not  supporting  them fully  in  their  fight  against  corruption. 

I am also  convinced   that the public  confidence  will   rise and  the  Transparency  Index  will  improve  considerably,   if the  Government and Opposition parties  request  the  MACC to  vet  their candidates   and monitor  their    conduct    to fight corruption , after they  are  elected. 

This laudable move by the MACC  will   certainly  serve the  public and the national  interest  ,as it will  contribute  greatly  to the  real Transformation of  Malaysia`s  socio economic  position and political system , for  a Better  One  Malaysia   for all Malaysians  to enjoy . 

Thanks & regards,

Tan Sri Ramon Navaratnam
Chairman  Asli / Centre of Public Policy  Studies 
May 25th , 2012

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